Our Company


We are a local family owned business that was started in 2006. With our extensive knowledge in the industry, customer service expertise and experience in custom home building we started a fabrication company. We’ve always had a passion for stone countertops. We find the beauty of natural stone captivating! Every time we fabricate a new job, it is surreal to think that this rock came straight out of the earth. It is a pleasure and privilege to be able to take this natural beauty and install it in your home.

There are many companies to hire for your granite countertop needs, however you should hire us because of our passion to create, our commitment to quality, and our dedication for our customers.  We take your trust very seriously and rest assured that we will deliver a professional job-well-done every time!

Our Principles

  • We strive for high quality fabrication and installation.
  • We thrive with our dedication and fast turn around times.
  • We provide respect and bring life to your new home.
  • We rise to the occasion of getting you the best value in your purchase.

Our Partners

Pacific Shore Stones
Triton Stone
Stone Fabricators Alliance